How Hospitals Are Using AI to Battle Covid-19

The authors mention a general overview of their initiatives using “AI” but it appears like a far-fetched idea. They pat themselves on the back and claim manna from heaven but there is no objective proof of returns on investment.

For argument’s sake, I deployed a bot to answer the general queries of individuals on coronavirus but in the absence of feedback, I have no idea if it really worked. For example, if a post has been seen by a hundred individuals, it doesn’t mean that it has been understood by everyone.

Several governments and hospital systems around the world have leveraged AI-powered sensors to support triage in sophisticated ways. Chinese technology company Baidu developed a no-contact infrared sensor system to quickly single out individuals with a fever, even in crowds. Beijing’s Qinghe railway station is equipped with this system to identify potentially contagious individuals, replacing a cumbersome manual screening process.

Similarly, Florida’s Tampa General Hospital deployed an AI system in collaboration with at its entrances to intercept individuals with potential Covid-19 symptoms from visiting patients.

Through cameras positioned at entrances, the technology conducts a facial thermal scan and picks up on other symptoms, including sweat and discoloration, to ward off visitors with fever.

Read it with caution and an abundance of bullshit filters to this one. This has a lot of hot air 🙂

via How Hospitals Are Using AI to Battle Covid-19

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