Doctors are being asked to play God

Who does the fine balancing act? 

Ethical dilemmas are western constructs. The eastern philosophy has a lot more to offer and can be a starting point for conversation. However, it would require a lot more thought process and nuances to understand these issues are not broadly applicable but would require a case by case approach.

I had highlighted that aspect in one of my write-ups recently- psychological well being and end-of-life care discussions. As healthcare teams are stretched out to the max, it would assume more importance.

The rapid advance of Covid-19 means the ventilator dilemma may soon be played out at hospitals across the advanced nations, as the pace of the pandemic outstrips the number of machines available to treat the most seriously infected. A big question will hang in the air. Who do we want to play God?

In the Lombardy region of northern Italy, the speed with which the virus overwhelmed even the most modern, well-equipped medical centres, appears to have left no time for a lengthy debate. Media reports from the region suggest it was left to hospitals and physicians to make rough-and-ready rationing decisions. As far as one can tell from broadcast interviews, they all took age as a starting point, although many added assessments of other conditions.

It is a difficult time, indeed.

via Doctors are being asked to play God | Financial Times

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