On writing consistently

In my previous (and failed iteration), I realised that it was difficult to focus on a narrow and a “niche” area of neurooncology. I was discussing this with a colleague that I wanted to use Twitter to go beyond article metrics and collaborate collectively on finding out the most useful articles (for example). The current academic landscape is depressing- it is a replication of “trials”, clinical studies and “retrospective studies” or regurgitation of SEER database that fails to provide any excitement.

Blogging is an excellent way to explore ideas in a non-linear format. All of them are interconnected to several threads.


I chose WordPress because it has the best support (in terms of plugins, for example) and has an active community. The hosting hassles are taken care of by the reliable engineering team, and I can focus on content.

Just use the WordPress tools to schedule the posts. Even if you have “off-days”, auto-posts can keep the content and the format alive.

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