Blogging: Do It Better, or Do It Differently?

I am not aware of someone in my space doing the “same thing”. However, this blogpost for content marketing made me sit up and think. I blog to get a new perspective, and each one of them goes to sharpen my thinking process a little more to make it a bit better.

If your space is crowded, consider creating a new formula. Think of Buffer sharing their salaries, Mattermark’s daily curation, or Ben Thompson’s analysis. It’s much easier to grow a site when you have a formula that breaks the mold. The elements of a content formula are as follows:

Channel – Where will you meet your readers?
Cadence – How often can you write without sacrificing quality?
Perspective – What’s your angle? Are you a curious observer, an expert analyst, or a thoughtful curator?
Tone – How does your writing make people feel?
Execution – Can you actually meet the expectations you are setting?

One of the reasons I gave up on Stratecherry was repetitive content. Ben writes exceptionally well, and I genuinely value his perspective. He has a helpful forum too. However, his exploration in personal technology and fawning for Apple became too overbearing.

Daily curation runs the risk of falling in your own echo chamber that makes it worse in terms of “confirmation biases”. As such, it is necessary to have a random set of ideas to play around with.

I’d prefer to continue to explore this “formula”- linking, blurbs, occasional long-form etc. It is fun!

via How to Succeed at Content Marketing: Do It Better, or Do It Differently – Animalz

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