Newsletters:Mailing list software should stop spying on subscribers

It was a conscious decision to avoid mailing list. Although tempting, but I chose the “old-fashioned” route. People either follow the built in “email option” or the RSS feeds. Blogging is a way to get the thoughts rolling on. It is not for the validation. It is not a “business”.

There are many other services that sprung up to “revolutionise” internet publishing. However, those rely on someone doing the “virtual work” for free. I use the space for either self expression or understand the deeper context of issues.

I’d agree with the authors that having a tracking system doesn’t help the larger ecosystem of encouraging users and readers.

But whether these open rates are “useful” or not is irrelevant. They’re invasive, they’re extracted without consent, and they break the basic assumptions most people have about email. There’s a general understanding that if you take actions on the internet, like clicking a link or visiting a site, there’s some tracking associated with that. We might not like it, but at least we have a vague understanding of it. Not so with email spy pixels.

Mailing list software should stop spying on subscribers – Signal v. Noise

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