Covid 19 crisis: Web-Tools for oncologists

The Covid-19 crisis has brought “working-from-home” into a sharp focus. I’ll be happy to describe my workflows and web-tools that I use and recommend. Most of them are paid options as I value safety, privacy and security over anything that’s “free”. A free option invariably costs more. Security options- Yubikeys as a second-factor authentication is […]

Covid19: How to communicate in a crisis using Telegram.

  WHO has declared the novel coronavirus as a pandemic and many cities worldwide have been forced in a lockdown mode. While the case fatality rate remains low, there is needless mass hysteria and panic buying. I am not going in specifics, but the hospitals have justifiably planned a footfall reduction to avoid people congregating […]

IoT and 5G in healthcare: The ‘Race To 5G’ Is A Giant Pile Of Lobbyist Nonsense

I have been looking at the promise of broadband networks for the past 10 years, and I’d admit that it has been anti-climatic. The vast swaths of fibre and the dug up roads were a source of excitement for me because it promised to lay the wonders of the Internet at my doorstep. Robotic surgery […]