AI in healthcare: Artificial intelligence needs global ground rules

It is an interesting take on “defining standards” and the VHS versus Betamax appears in the discussion.

Healthcare is intensely regulated because companies having unfettered access has the power to discriminate individuals. It goes against the economic principle of “greater common good” Unlike governments, corporations are not accountable to the public; unless one assumes that a slanging match on Twitter will force them to mend their ways.

There are other reasons why more AI regulation is desirable. Businesses want clarity on the rules of use. Recent research suggests that the more managers learn about the complexity of the emerging regulatory landscape, the less they want to bother with using AI. To assuage fears and to enable businesses to deploy AI for benign uses, we need to move the global regulatory conversation beyond high-minded statements of principles and sharp-elbowed fights over standards. It is time for some serious conversations about this powerful new technology.

I agree that businesses require clarity of approach to “plan” but AI itself is in a state of flux.

via Artificial intelligence needs global ground rules | Financial Times

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