Open Source:BMW shares AI algorithms used in production, available on GitHub

While not related to oncology (neural networks for image identification in the autonomous vehicles), I endorse this approach. The following blurb is important for the hospital administrators:

Maintaining the open-source approach, all users of the algorithms are guaranteed anonymity. Any flaws in the algorithms can be identified quickly; in this process, automated functions provided by the platform operators can also be used, if needed. For quality assurance purposes, the BMW Group checks all incoming user suggestions before they are put into productive use or shared. The model – in other words, the actual AI application being developed with these algorithms – always remains protected. All users are free to decide whether they want to make their models accessible to partners, such as suppliers.

BMW shares AI algorithms used in production, available on GitHub

It is imperative to open-source algorithms because it provides a direct feedback. Alternatively, it would require huge investments in the swathes of quality assurance and auditing. Open-source also brings forth more advantages in terms of ideas and best practises.

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