How-to: Ask for an Email Introduction

These are some great practical tips. In the context of reaching out to others and expanding your network (to become an “influencer”!)


To write an effective forwardable email, consider the following.

Introduce yourself briefly. The point of the forwardable email is that it explains everything the person you’re looking to be introduced to needs to know about who you are. Begin the email with a few lines — I recommend about three — detailing who you are and the information that’s most pertinent to the request at hand. When I’m requesting an introduction to make a new business connection, I usually don’t include that I’m an adjunct professor, for example. When crafting these, think “Twitter summary,” not full-length professional bio.

State your motive. Next, be extremely specific about why you want to connect. Again, I recommend no more than three lines. “I’m looking to meet an investor for my food business,” or “I’ve written an OpEd that I’d like you to consider for publication,” or “I am looking for advice on how to apply to a leadership program at the university where you teach,” are all clear motives. This brief paragraph should also include any other information salient to the request — details about your business or background that would be important for the other party to know in context of your request.

Do your homework. Show that you’ve researched the third party. If you’re raising funding for your food business, spell out that you’re hoping to meet Sarah because you know that she’s an investor in the food industry.

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