TikTok Medicine: Doctors on TikTok Try to Go Viral

Should you use social media outreach? Yes or no? There are no two ways about it. My policy is- if you are trying to make a mark to “spread information”, be prepared for the backlash too. It isn’t innocent because people are talking to others’ virtual selves. Be prepared; often for the worst humanity has to offer, at times.

Dr. Jones, the gynecologist, said she was hopeful the platform could help young people develop trust in medical practitioners and view them as more accessible. “Back in the old days, there was a town doctor and everyone knew where he lived, and you traded milk and eggs for health care,” Dr. Jones said. “You had trust in your doctor because you trusted them as a person first.” TikTok, she said, can help to humanize doctors — she’s seen that some of her own patients feel more comfortable with her because they have seen her playful social media posts.

But some doctors are also encountering responses to their videos that they did not expect.Earlier this month, Dr. Nicole Baldwin, a pediatrician in Cincinnati, posted a TikTok listing the diseases that are preventable with vaccines and countering the notion that vaccines cause autism.Her accounts on TikTok, Twitter, Facebook and Yelp were flooded with threatening comments, including one that labeled her “Public Enemy #1” and another that read, “Dead doctors don’t lie.”

via Doctors on TikTok Try to Go Viral – The New York Times

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