Avoiding debate: The organisational culture and dealing with equals

The author, of course, wants to toot her “organisation” (and this opinion piece is a perfect example of a paid advert).

Avoiding conflict at the workplace is a lazy way out but a smart way of doing things. Colleagues may differ on interpretations, but nothing can be more difficult in dealing with a complexed and scornful individual. Side-stepping arguments is the perfect recipe for managing sanity (and remaining perfectly productive and efficient in personal domains).

Aversion to debate and organisational silence run deep in corporations, primarily due to the fear of conflict. Studies have shown that we are all biased, preferring people and media we agree with, and that our brains are lazy, preferring consensus to conflict. And the internet allows people to retreat from differing points of view into private bubbles. It is easy and tempting to conclude, like my sulky CEO colleagues, that argument is just a waste of time.

I beg to differ. After all, if we never changed our minds, we would still be living in caves. The question isn’t how to avoid conflict but how to do it well.

via There is nothing wrong with changing your mind | Financial Times

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