Writing newsletters: How I’m Using Neuroscience to Build a Successful Newsletter

It is an interesting post (from Twitter) related to a neuroscience student who turned her passion into a profitable business.

I built a dedicated landing page with subscribers’ reviews, screenshots, and more, and posted it on a Monday. It was #1 for most of the day and ended up at #2 in the evening with more than 1,000 upvotes. I gained another 2,000 subscribers from that launch only, for a total of 4,000 subscribers.

Since then, I have been using various strategies to get my content out there. I post on Facebook groups, I have a weekly roundup of articles on LinkedIn, I sometimes post on Slack or Telegram. I now have more than 6,000 subscribers, without spending a dime.

But the biggest acquisition channel by far — the one that converts the best — is Twitter.People retweet my articles, share them with their colleagues, include them in their own newsletters. It’s qualified traffic that converts well.

Another thing I’m excited about is SEO. It’s still a small portion of my traffic, but it’s growing steadily, and I like how predictable it is compared to the ups and downs of viral posts on social media. I never write about a topic because of SEO, but I optimise all of my articles using the Yoast SEO plugin. I have several articles ranking at #1 for some long-tail queries. Hopefully it will keep on going up.

I am surprised that she manages well on Twitter (my experience has been otherwise with poor rates of engagement).

Acquisition of readers is one thing; engagement is another. As usual, there is a long tail of people who don’t speak up. (or even contribute in the groups).

via How I’m Using Neuroscience to Build a Successful Newsletter – Indie Hackers

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