How to have better productivity: Overcome Your Distraction Habit

Unleashing your genius is a “pitch”, and I’d ignore it. However, the important takeaway is that you need to have a solution to avoid regular distractions. I tackle this issue daily and achieve consistent results.

I think about deep work as needing “brainpower momentum.” It takes time to get started, get focused, and fully mobilize our resources in the service of our most important, most meaningful work. By “resources,” I mean not only our knowledge, wisdom, and experience, but also our empathy, passion, kindness, diligence and all of the other qualities we bring to our day-to-day lives to make them unique, richer and have more impact. The phrase I use to describe building this momentum in the service of a task, experience, or connection is “unleashing our genius.”

It is vital to preserve the “momentum”. Several ways can be employed for active focus on the mundane. I will be sharing them in the series of productivity posts soon.

via How to Overcome Your (Checks Email) Distraction Habit

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