Grammar Teaching: Is AI the solution?

I am researching the idea of using the “additional tools” to correct grammar. Grammarly isn’t a writing assistant; it is more like a “writing corrector”. Nevertheless, I stumbled on this write up below and it set me thinking. While the author has a familiar rant against the AI (being biased), there is substantial issue raised. AI Tools won’t help in the sentence construction and the ones promising to do would do more harm to long term cognitive process. You can’t slap an AI in every aspect of your life!

It won’t be long until those email updates are being used by hordes of students and teachers. According to a ranking compiled by the educational technology company LearnPlatform, Gmail was the seventh most popular edtech product in the country, based on the compilation of data from millions of users.

The tools can allow people to learn while they write, said Michelle Navarre Cleary, the founder of DePaul University’s School for New Learning Writing Program and now the associate provost for learning at the nonprofit educational institution College Unbound. She said research has consistently shown that teaching grammar through sentence diagraming and memorizing parts of speech doesn’t necessarily leave students any better off.

“Saying that you have to crawl before you can run when it comes to writing — to name the parts of speech before you can start writing — is not only not true, it’s counterproductive,” said Navarre Cleary. “It shuts people down instead of getting them thinking.”

Via AI-powered grammar tools from Google and others make sentence-parsing a thing of the past. Parents and teachers wonder if kids will suffer. — The Washington Post

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