I’m not burned out, I’m pissed off – a reflection on the poor state of networks

This link is interesting because it announces a product at the end of the write up!

However, I was keen to post this here because it gives in a ring-side view of the “IT support” that exists in the hospitals. Yes, it is centrally managed but they have Windows desktops because they assume that Linux won’t get the “support”. Or invest in real resources that would inevitably hit the bottom line.

My desktop got upgraded to Windows 10, and it is the most awful experience. Why do we wonder that network breaches happen ALL the time?

One of the most critical aspect of health-technology assessment is to get rid of the proprietary software and shift to open source. Linux, especially, offers several “idiot-proof” rules that would enable hiring the “less-critical-thinking” individuals. It is difficult to have someone who is not empowered but at the same time competency comes at a price that many organisations don’t think it worth paying for.

Because at the centre of this tussle, they don’t realise the value of data. Some who do (like Ascension tying up with Google), get beaten up by the “regulatory stick” because the mainstream media doesn’t realise theirs.


I’m mad that it will create records of machines it has seen on the network and send out alerts when those machines drop off the network or change hostname. Of course they do! It’s fucking VDI! That’s the entire point!

I’m mad at MSSPs. Humans whose only job is to look blindly at an escalation list and fire off a low priority alert to the on-call phone at 3am anyway. Who are so used to false positives that they close any ticket that has a familiar name, but so incompetent that they can’t actually tune the rule to fix it. Who read from a checklist without applying any critical thinking because critical thinking is expensive and expensive means lower profit margins.

I’m mad at other vendors. I’m going to call out Cisco by fucking name and elaborate more on this in a follow-up post, but the simple question is how do you move a god damned security product to the cloud and not have a logging API?!

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