Targeting Cancer: Watch it in action

Cancer can affect anyone. For most affected patients, it sounds like a death-knell. Of course, the caregivers take it as a “case” but for those suffering, the life changes significantly. We can’t fathom the emotional component or the distress.

In this backdrop, patient advocacy groups assume importance as formal and informal means of support. However, patients should also be aware of the treatment choices. Radiation Therapy is the most important component of the treatment protocols.

Targeting Cancer

It is very heartening to see my colleagues down under advocating the cause of Radiation Therapy with aplomb. Here’s the amazing video that was out recently.

Targeting Cancer

Please share, repost or download the video widely. You should know about all the available choices!

Here’s to the win! Bravo! Kudos to the Targeting Cancer team! My heartiest congratulations to everyone who featured in here!

You can register your support here

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