How making Lego models helps build better leaders-or another managerial fads!

I have been perplexed with the managerial fads. I agree that they need to run an organisation but this is taking it too far. Any statistical parameter will yield a correlation depending on how creative you want to be.

I don’t endorse it but was an interesting link that I didn’t want to pass it up.


One key to the Lego system’s success, according to the 2004 paper in which Prof Roos and others sought to define “serious play”, is that it “intentionally brings the emergent benefits of play to bear on organisational challenges”.

“Play” smacks of frivolity and childishness, not serious business. But it is exactly this unleashing of underused creative powers that advocates of the Lego system hope to encourage. “You can co-create knowledge very fast this way and work at a higher level of complexity,” says Micael Buckle, chief executive of Inthrface, a Danish consultancy, who has led hundreds of Lego Serious Play sessions, including the one I took part in last week. “Solving” climate change — or at least imaginatively modelling the principal problems and jointly coming up with possible remedies — took us less than three hours.

via How making Lego models helps build better leaders | Financial Times

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