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Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán on Pexels.com Thank you for subscribing to the blog. I have written extensively against the idea of newsletter and user tracking. The email notification is completely managed by WordPress and I don't get to see your email addresses. Please share the ideas widely, if you find them useful.

AI healthcare: Can it take our jobs?

Photo by Mark Arron Smith on Pexels.com There's no easy answer to it. Though, to cut a long story short, artificial intelligence (AI) is going to "reshape" the jobs. There's an interesting economics paper here that provided the motivation for this write up. It is a long, worthy read and is possibly considered as a … Continue reading AI healthcare: Can it take our jobs?

Caveat emptor: Honest “marketing” and due diligence

Brands/companies/software applications have all taken to Twitter to promote their products. It only brandishes my point of view- Twitter isn't a platform for "serious discussion" but foments a lot of negativity. It is a massive time suck. I have been calling out a few companies for their "misleading" claims. For example, a leading VPN company … Continue reading Caveat emptor: Honest “marketing” and due diligence