Trump Warns of Dangers in Banning Vape Flavors

Juul Labs Inc. represents 64% of the market and is blamed for the rise in teen vaping. The company has voluntarily pulled its sweet, fruity and mint-flavored refill pods from the U.S. market.

When Mr. Trump asked about that move Friday, Juul Chief Executive K.C. Crosthwaite said flavors can help adult cigarette smokers switch to a less harmful alternative. He added that the company would defer to the science-based approach of the Food and Drug Administration.

Juul and other e-cigarette manufacturers face a May deadline to submit for FDA review any products they want to sell in the U.S. after that point

My stance on vaping is unequivocal. It is a clear pathway to deliver nicotine to users and lowers threshold for other addictions. These are anecdotal observations because a population-based “study” would be impossible to determine the “cause-and-effect”. It would be primarily a “recall-bias” magnified many times over as users would be unable to quantify their smoking habits.

Legal alternatives should exist, but a restriction on the sale appears unlikely. Investors are well aware of the regulatory and bureaucratic mazes; however, it would be naive to assume that they would assume responsibility for a larger set of social ills.

People indulge in risky behaviours because of moral hazard issues- because a short term high of nicotine is better than cost calculation of old age when the “Medicare” would automatically kick in anyway. Vaping isn’t a problem where it is outpriced for users who can’t afford. Therefore, my suggestion is to increase the unit price gradually for each refill. A “science-based-approach” of FDA is “laughable”.

It would help to keep track of the user’s habits and desist them from using it more often.


via Trump Warns of Dangers in Banning Vape Flavors – WSJ

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