Cancer Biomarkers: Why a high cost for failure?

Complex interplay of discovery processes with multiple teams involved. Numerous potential links for failure.

I was searching for the validated markers in cervical cancer (hint: it’s possibly miRNA as a part of the transcription protein complex). However, the field is complex and is littered with failures. Without much further ado, it is instructive to learn about the failures first so that we are not condemned to repeat the mistakes.

[embeddoc url=”″ viewer=”google” ]

As usual, the annotations are attached below. Please feel free to share the file. I am experimenting with new designs and fonts to make it easier to read and skim through the paper. I’d suggest reading the notes first, followed by the paper so that you get a better understanding of the process.

[embeddoc url=”″ viewer=”microsoft” ]

The last point made herein is very crucial. We need negative data and not the marketing push that a new cancer biomarkers “heralds” the death of cancer as we know it. It only leads to purposeless debates

I hope you find it useful!

The rapidly expanding field of cancer biomarkers.

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