My annotation workflow

I prefer:

  • LiquidText for mind-mapping and annotations (for a “deep-dive”) and bringing out the context and understanding interrelated concepts.
  • PDFExpert/Flexcil for annotations (quick and dirty) (Although the company behind PDFExpert is now peddling snake-oil subscriptions and has become greedy- without offering updates to the core product). I’d probably shift away from them.
  • Sumnotes for extraction of annotations.

HighlightsApp is under early beta for iPad (perhaps might develop for Catalina). I have only checked out the TestFlight. It extracts annotations in markdown that offers a more native control through connection with Ulysess and then to WordPress. The only hitch with the latter workflow is that it requires a subscription to Ulysess. The amount you pay doesn’t justify the usage. I may not get back to HighlightsApp. It never saw updates after it was released (perhaps some compatibility with the new os releases) and the developer offers NO support. As such, it would count as a dead investment.

Sumnotes was very kind to offer me a free year’s subscription, and I thank them for that.

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