Stay tuned!

Basic Clinical Radiobiology_ 9781444179637_ Medicine & Health Science Books @ Amazon.com08a577a8f983

I am very excited to annotate this book. It is my all-time favourite!

I rank this better than Hall’s “standard” because it has a more practical approach with a deeper understanding of issues. I’d be creating a LiquidText project with my observations and highlight ALL the critical bits of the book as a massive canvas for the mind map. The annotations, of course, will be listed as notes for each chapter.

As usual, I’d be uploading it to my Dropbox (please feel free to share/distribute). I have decided to separate each chapter as it offers me better control.

I was also debating to use either LiquidText or PDFExpert. I’d be carefully evaluating Flexcil and see if it better serves the purpose here. It always helps to learn something new!


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