Three ways to search for information on the web quickly

I thought of linking this here; might be useful to those who don’t understand Boolean operators. Vivaldi is slowly morphing into what it was once: Opera Browser and my all-time favourite!

The precision of your search query will also determine how fast you get to the most relevant results. It is usually best to limit your query to a few words and not use full sentences.

To compose the best queries, you need to know the search syntax best suited to your search engine. For example:

If you are looking for a specific phrase, type the phrase inside quotes. This will make searching faster, and hide results that are not relevant.
If unsure of what term to search for, use the linking word “or”. The search engine will show you both results.
Search using alternative words, i.e. synonyms. This will trigger your search engine to return different results, helping you get to what you’re looking for faster.
If looking for specific keywords in an article’s title, type “intitle:” in front of the search term. If looking for specific keywords in the URL, type “inurl:”.

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