The new Gutenberg experience from WordPress

When I started out the blog, it was the familiar, classic editor. Everything seemed to be in place. They prompted me to try out the new block editor and it wasn’t apparent, at first.

However, as I dug in deeper, I realised that it is a new fundamental way to approach the blogging because previously, adding support for a feature rich layout required an extensive knowledge of HTML. Consider this:

Suppose I needed to add a column, it would require a complete exercise in patience- now I just have to choose the column block. Simple!

Likewise, wrapping the text around the picture. Suddenly, the whole new world opens up.

The new Gutenberg editor.

Not everyone is happy with the changes- it upsets the workflows. For example, the grammar editing tools don’t work. You’d need the classical editor block and then format it again to split it up into other blocks. However, it is very extensive and feature rich that opens up various possibilities for the developers to create even better writing experience. For example, the praise here:

I am completely at sea here- I don’t know what came first- Gutenberg or the ghost writing platform. Because the block writing system isn’t completely new and possibly has been there for quite sometime:

Ghose Blogging Platform- Did it serve as an inspiration to the new WordPress editor?

I have completely shifted to the new editor over the weekend- it has been an enriching experience to redesign the blog as well as learn many new skills in the process. I am completely new to the concept of SEO- while not averse to the idea, I honestly don’t want it to turn into a link infested affiliate website. However, the block editors have been instrumental in making it feasible to embed the documents in the blog itself (using the Google viewer). It is incredibly easy for me to sync everything through Dropbox (my workflows revolve around it).

Going forward, you’ll notice that some of the scheduled posts don’t conform to the images/links. Those have been written in the classical editor. I cannot re-work them (because they were written before I upgraded my WordPress blog to a business plan), but I will continually post with the new block editor.

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