Staying Focused on Projects

This is an interesting workflow.

However, I personally don’t juggle on the applications or fancy “wikis”. At first, there is a learning curve associated with new software. No software is a “one-stop solution” that makes it challenging to stick to it. Further, you require to stay motivated to use the software wherein it is easy to lose the context of the project itself.

However, for those who are willing to experiment:

Like most of us I have my fair share of ideas that I want to pursue. For many years I had many books, many courses, many projects, etc. that I wanted to pursue but never really getting them done. Recently talking to a friend about a few of my recent projects that I finished or very close to finishing, he mentioned that he has too many ongoing projects to finish anything. This really resonated with me as I had once been the same but over the last few years have slowly improved. So I got inspired to write this post, how I learnt to finish projects.

I struggled a lot getting things done, I would have too many projects ongoing at the same time all with differing levels of completion and ongoing progress. Over the course of a lot of iterations I managed to come up with the following process.

via Staying Focused on Projects

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