Planning on some changes

I was debating about newsletter versus a Telegram channel. I implemented a DNS based ad-blocking system over the weekend (a better solution than PiHole). AdGuard Home allows for flexibility in approach.

I realised that email newsletters have built-in analytics and tracking codes to chart link opening for the owners. I don’t have any issue with it; however, the companies have different privacy policies that are beyond comprehension. (It is why I prefer to use aliases to achieve privacy goals as it allows me to simply delete the alias than hunt for “unsubscribe”. For the same reason, I distrust various applications which promise inbox zero because they end up getting information from intermediate servers.

Newsletters are completely out, then. They are a terrible medium to reach out to potential audience because not everyone has their efficiency goals aligned for managing emails.

The other change I wish to implement is a system of embeddable PDF and a better theme. WordPress Plugins would allow for better tagging and surfacing related posts. I used to use Simple Tags a long time back, and I am genuinely surprised that it still exists (especially the old projects like Open Calais which try to understand the context of the message). There was a company called Zemanta, but it has now become an adware distribution channel.

Internet privacy is a hard-fought right, and while I don’t write much about here, I am empathic towards it. For several years, I was involved with several groups that helped to understand essential network tools (DNS ad blocking is perhaps a culmination of such efforts). They also helped me to experiment with several chat networks (I still recommend Threema for secure communication over Signal app) and Telegram for everything else.

Embeddable plugins on require the highest tier of service. I am not averse to experimentation, but the feature set is an overkill. It is cheaper to host elsewhere, but this website ensures a bullet-proof reliance about uptime (including stellar customer support). I don’t approve of their price gouging, but it comes with a peace of mind (as far as the security aspect is concerned).

I will soon work on something in this direction.

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