Note-taking strategy 2019.


When I start the day, I instantiate a new org-capture “day planning” template by pressing C-c c p.

This creates the Day planning subsection with all of its subsections and checklists. As you will see, this guides me through the morning review, which in turn has me check each of those additional sources of incoming information and tasks.

New bits of information are filed into their correct place, whilst the task review shows me a list of tasks, extracted from the month file and the list of current project files, so that I can decide which ones should be taken on.

I list tasks which should preferably be taken care of today under Tasks for today, whilst any really high-value high-satisfaction tasks go under Tasks that will satisfy end-of-the-day Charl.

During the day.
During the rest of the day, I’ll write short diary-like notes under Done list / thoughts / diary and log pomodori (focus blocks) under, you guessed it, Focus blocks, either using the org-pomodoro package, or plain Org mode clocking in and out functions.

I use additional custom org-capture templates, via keyboard shortcuts, to create more extensive timestamped journal entries (see the is dropbox better… example) and to create new timestamped and logged Org mode TODO entries.

This is a SURE-SHOT way to land in a mental asylum. Definitely NOT recommended!

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