Is Sending Text Reminders Behavioral Economics?

It requires a more in-depth elucidation. Digital Health, for example, relies a lot on "nudges" and "re-defining" health-seeking behaviour. We, however, know, that there is a direct causal correlation of income levels with the health-seeking behaviour. Yet, that causation associability is the cause of concern. Everyone who falls ill will require healthcare as a service. … Continue reading Is Sending Text Reminders Behavioral Economics?

Looking for the perfect “grammar tool”

Grammarly is the best of the worst. I dislike them because they leave the third party cookies open and their extension is a security nightmare. However, they have nailed the user experience to a large extent. Most other tools (Pro-Writing Aid/Grade Proof) have a "shitty" user experience. I am evaluating one another tool, and hopefully, … Continue reading Looking for the perfect “grammar tool”