Data-driven health and care technology – NHSX

I am curious and excited to know about this.

Digital solutions won’t happen unless there’s a common standard to which hospitals can hook. It would require massive funds to overhaul a system that was “hacked” several times in 2017 (sadly as part of the “phishing attacks”).

The ‘A’ of AI generally refers to one of the following:

Artificial (Intelligence) – makes it possible for ‘machines’ to learn from new experiences, adjust outputs and perform human-like tasks. It can be thought of as the simulation of human intelligence and could include voice and visual recognition systems.
Augmented (Intelligence) – outputs that complement human intelligence, emphasising AI’s supplementary role. Examples include tools that support radiologists in reviewing large numbers of scans, or that support theatre managers to better manage theatre schedules.
Ambient (Intelligence) – the application of several technologies (including Artificial or Augmented Intelligence, but also sensor networks, user interfaces, home automation systems, etc) to create proactive ‘smart’ environments.

via Data-driven health and care technology – NHSX

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