The Ultimate Guide to Writing Online

He’s written about blogging, search engine optimisation and growing audience.

If the content is good, it would be “discovered”; for me, my sole purpose is only to grow the corpus; the distribution strategy can be taken care of later (especially to curate newsletters). That’s why I remain in awe of Ben Thompson (Stratecherry)- his analysis is hard to beat. He uses some factoids to highlight the “fiction” he’s peddling (at times) but these broad generalisations help his cause.

Otherwise, the following resource is a great suggestion.

(My suggestion: Schedule your posts; the writing inspiration doesn’t strike all the time).

Writing is the most fundamental method of communication.

It’s a pillar of any successful career and the foundation of every other form of media. It’s the best way to clarify your logic and thinking, and the benefits extend far beyond the page. Storing and distributing text online is cheap, which means your words can be read by almost anybody, anywhere in the world.

Most people have reservations or fears about publishing their writing. They don’t get started because they “don’t have a voice,” “haven’t found their niche,” or “don’t know what to say.” Trust me. I’ve heard every objection under the sun. But there’s only one way past this stage: Develop a bias toward action.

Create. Create. Create.

The easiest way to write more is to write about ideas that stimulate you. If you do, you’ll be able to produce on a more consistent basis.

via The Ultimate Guide to Writing Online — David Perell

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