Announcing the launch of the Telegram channel: Radoncnotes

I was thinking about setting up a newsletter, but the more I dug into it, I realised that it was an overly complicated idea. You have to design a “campaign”, then market it on the internet or obsess over the tracking statistics.

As a privacy enthusiast, I abhor the idea. It is because all the data is with a third party. The email addresses and the payment details.

I take extraordinary length to protect my online assets (my email is backed up by a unique two-factor authentication, and YubiKeys with an SMS fall back). My back up email is doubly encrypted (again with the 2FA baked in). My blog is protected by the same credentials, and I have app-specific passwords for each. I don’t trust a third party (or any other website owner) to protect it the way I do. In this era of widespread breaches, it is impossible to keep track of how users are compromised.

I was trying to hit on a workflow which could be automated. Further, there are a lot of other links that I find interesting, but they don’t fit in with the contextual idea of this blog. I finally settled on Telegram channel. 

Telegram is a fantastic chat application. The best part is that it can be automated. Since the medium stays under your control, you can choose to switch off the notifications.

Telegram channel (Radoncnotes) ( (opens in Telegram) or you can just preview the channel here (without accessing Telegram).

All the blog posts will now automatically land in Telegram channel too.

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