Twitter: Why to avoid it?

I don't intend this to be a rant, but the "microblogging" site has nothing related to "blogging". It has a confused pedigree- it is neither a source for news nor advertisements or even social interaction. It is just a platform to share links. It is teeming with bots, marketers and oversized influencers. I am fond … Continue reading Twitter: Why to avoid it?

How to automate Telegram channel

It is effortless. Sign up for IFTTT. Sign up for Pocket. Connect your Telegram channel to the IFTTT bot (using the commands /connect_channel in the bot itself). Install the Pocket Extension for your browser. I prefer (and endorse Vivaldi) You can set up a keyboard binding. I also use Inoreader. The "hotkey" for Pocket is … Continue reading How to automate Telegram channel

Announcing the launch of the Telegram channel: Radoncnotes

I was thinking about setting up a newsletter, but the more I dug into it, I realised that it was an overly complicated idea. You have to design a "campaign", then market it on the internet or obsess over the tracking statistics. As a privacy enthusiast, I abhor the idea. It is because all the … Continue reading Announcing the launch of the Telegram channel: Radoncnotes