Scrivener vs. Ulysses: Which One Should You Use?

I prefer Scrivener. You have to use it for its wonderful options. I like the bit about being able to collect my research in one place. Ulysses has a stupid recurring subscription. Unless you are using it a lot, it is not justified.

Both Scrivener and Ulysses are great options

Use Scrivener if you:

  • Want to collect your research into a single location before writing or rearrange things as you write
  • Prefer rich text to plain text or have an aversion to Markdown
  • Mostly write from the same device and don’t need to sync often
  • Want to use a project template to help you get started
  • Need to export to MOBI, or just want more control over the export process
    Use Ulysses if you:
  • Want to focus on the words instead of the formatting
  • Prefer to write in plain text or Markdown
  • Want to use writing goals to keep you on track
  • Need to keep your writing in sync so you can write from anywhere
  • Don’t need to be super specific about export features

via Scrivener vs. Ulysses: Which One Should You Use for NaNoWriMo? – The Sweet Setup

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