Ask for Help: Fighting Depression and Burnout in the Trainee Community

Yes, it is true, but as I had mentioned before- it is related to an inability to sequence and pace your work schedule. A lot of it can be done by the “mentors” though by laying out the workflow and the process at the start of the day.

Digital tools to pace appointments and reliance on a better mode of communication (not pagers!) can help to obviate issues. However, it is impossible to have the “perfect solution”, and invariably, the cracks will emerge. It requires constant vigilance and feedback loops to see the system in place.

My experience is not unique. Burnout, depression, and suicide have increased at alarming rates for physicians, especially among trainees. Burnout is a “syndrome characterized by emotional exhaustion and depersonalization (which includes negativity, cynicism, and the inability to express empathy or grief), a feeling of reduced personal accomplishment, loss of work fulfillment, and reduced effectiveness.”1 Factors that contribute to burnout include increased workload, electronic medical records, and spillover of work (such as catching up on notes) into evenings/weekends.

via Ask for Help: Fighting Depression and Burnout in the Trainee Community

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