How to Be Great? Just Be Good, Repeatably

How to Be Great_ Just Be Good,

Rarely does success in anything look like that. Life is a series of tiny nodes that tend to look more like the right hand side. There two key elements worth calling out in the more realistic graph on the right:

Compounding is always present. The earlier steps in any process will be more strenuous, yet it’s difficult to imagine the potential compounding that comes later on.
With the ups, there are always downs. This seems obvious, but we often forget this when we are in periods of down. We quit at these local minimums (the highlighted sections in red above), because we cannot see the next peak right around the corner.
a friend just emailed me this note in response to my ‘burn out’ video. wanted to share;

‘the addiction to having success is what makes you feel unsuccessful at the times when you’re not feeling the immediate dopamine hit of your work ‘succeeding’ at that precise moment.’

— Casey Neistat (@Casey) February 7, 2019

I stumbled on this link from some random mention, but it was incredibly instructive to read about it. I agree consistency is the key. Grit is equally important.

I was genuinely surprised to see many radiation oncologists pushing out the “burn-out” syndrome (and hence, the immediate motivation for the post). Frankly, it seemed that they had run out of ideas to post. I am not knocking down their efforts, but in this era of liberalism, stupidity is mainstreamed and is becoming dangerously acceptable. We, perhaps, require a measured dose of pragmatism and common sense.

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