On learning, unemployability and India’s Jobs Crisis

Excellent write up.

Teachers have to teach, yes. However, the students have to curious about what’s being taught.

Here’s another link for an excellent resource on India’s job crisis (pdf download)

If the originator of a theory were to sit through a lecture on his/her theory, s/he would definitely find a completely new theory being propagated.

Despite living in the information age, knowledge imparted in classrooms is similar to a game of Chinese whispers.

This can be gauged by seeing the distance from the source material.

Let us consider the example of some hypothetical economic theory. It starts off with a seminal paper ABC, by professor XYZ.

This then appears in a textbook (predominantly a US textbook). An Indian author then comes out with his/her version in his/her textbook based on the US textbook. This is then read by the professor, in conjunction with blogs that have even shorter summaries of the work.

via India’s Jobs Crisis: Why Our Graduates Are Unemployable 

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