Back from the Blender Conference 2019 – Fading Memories

Very instructive write up on the “free software”.

If the mac developers saw the light, they would immediately shift towards Linux. By keeping closed libraries, for instance, they are only delaying their own demise. They are compounding stupidity by sticking to a “Sherlockian model”. It won’t stop Apple from subsuming your application (if it grows to be “popular”).

This is important, because one of the things that keeps getting argued in the KDE community is that paying for development destroys the community. So, where does that argument come from, and when might it be true, and when might it not be true? Remember, I’m only talking about projects aimed at end-users, about applications, about the desktop. Programming languages, libraries, web stuff, all that is irrelevant for this discussion. What is relevant is that we often hear people claim that it is impossible to successfully develop this type of software as free software.

Well, my guess is that the people who continue to claim that funding development on free software will destroy the community are either nostalgic for their nineties student days, or tried to build a business around free software that they recognized was going to be valuable, but that was built by others. They would have founded a company, hired the developers, then started working on projects and contracts for customers. Of course that will fail: customers only care about their needs. And once you’re invoicing per-hour, you’re bust. You will never find time to properly maintain the project you wanted to build your company around. You’ve turned into a leech, and will drain your central asset of its lifeblood.

via Back from the Blender Conference 2019 – Fading Memories

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