You should be working asynchronously (async) | Blog

Interruptions at the workplace are a pain. Can working in a “async-fashion” help you?

Async work is a way to organize how to get stuff done with less interruptions and higher efficiency based on a few ideas:

  • Async work should be used more often than sync work, it provides better resource management, reduces waste and therefore optimizes productivity
  • Multiplexing your tasks and reducing scope allows you to deliver faster, test your hypotheses sooner and achieve success with higher confidence
  • Communication should most of the times be async and only here and there be sync with things that definitely require you to do so. Keeping this as a rule of thumb allows people to focus on their tasks longer and concentrate on best practices like documentation and writing proper procedures.
  • Always defaulting to action (within reason) helps the whole team move faster, reduce wasteful times and increase ownership.

via You should be working asynchronously (async) | Blog

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