#Publishing on #Medium- Avoid it.

I was initially contemplating to start in medium but luckily (or unfortunately), I couldn't sign up despite multiple attempts. I came back here knowing fully well that they charge usurious amounts to allow plugins. (If I could install them, I'd be able to host the PDF's myself here- I'll look into it again). I agree … Continue reading #Publishing on #Medium- Avoid it.

Why developers are leaving Mac Store

No one, I repeat, no one ever told them, NOT to consider Linux. I see repeated whining of developers, ex-developers and the associated ecosystem. There are alternatives but it would require a little more hard work. The "open-source" world has changed and there will be people willing to install the software AND pay for it … Continue reading Why developers are leaving Mac Store

Thoughts on Reference Management Software- Options

I stumbled on this. Reference management software is an incredibly useful tool for researchers and academics. It solves two problems that are otherwise very frustrating: (1) organizing and searching PDFs of journal articles, and (2) properly formatting a bibliography when writing a paper with citations.1 I wrote the first version of this post back in … Continue reading Thoughts on Reference Management Software- Options

The Fear of Writing : Opinion

Essential reading. There are enough ways to get over the writer's block. I remember why I am writing. I remember why it’s so important to have people like me doing research and becoming professors for future students to see themselves represented in ways I haven’t seen myself represented enough. The quote in my byline above … Continue reading The Fear of Writing : Opinion