Rowing against tide of e-cigarette prohibition in south-east Asia.

I am closely looking at the evolution of the legislation against e-cigarettes. The “literature” around it is “muddled” – especially around the efficacy of vaping to help former smokers “quit smoking”.

Cancer prevention is the goal. Outright ban of tobacco is impossible due to complex intertwined government and industry. However, we can at least ban vaping.

Two countries in south-east Asia are attempting a low-key approach to regulation of the nascent e-cigarette industry, even as it risks being strangled in the cradle amid a global backlash.

Policymakers in Indonesia and the Philippines have acknowledged the health risks associated with vaping but have been drawn to arguments that it may help tackle a public health crisis linked to tobacco smoking.

Their positions stand in contrast to a gradual shift worldwide to ban e-cigarettes outright, on concerns that they are a gateway to tobacco for the young while themselves posing a direct threat to public health.

via Rowing against tide of e-cigarette prohibition in south-east Asia | Financial Times

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