On choosing the writing tools

A random search on the internet will bombard you with multiple choices – for choosing the right tools to write. Some promise a typewriter mode, a focus mode or a markdown with “beautiful summaries”. I even came across an app that has “calming music” to begin with. I think you just need to ruminate about an idea, take out a distraction free time and start writing.

I have nothing against the developers. They need to market their applications. However, none of the review websites ever mention the “after-sales”. What happens when you run into issues? You see a product with confusing menus or claims from various others that you can “glue” the note sheets together. Do they offer an email support? Do they maintain a forum? Are they offering a Twitter support (that’s not done!) or even Reddit (it’s a time sink!) After sales becomes even more tricky after you have signed up for a subscription. Sometimes, you need the solution there and then.

The truth is that most blogs employ extremely sophisticated keyword searches and optimisations that make them rank higher. Coupled with short attention spans, a rich visual medium helps the users to “click” on the affiliate links.

I have also come to realise that my workflow is unique to me. What works for me isn’t going to work for you. I will put out mine and refine them in earnest to make it more efficient.

I am in a double mind about using Ulysses, for example. It is a great application with spit and polish. Yet, I hardly use the feature set because I find it gimmicky. At a deeper level, it doesn’t gel with my thoughts. They made a shift towards a subscription model and left all the previous users in the lurch – ones who had spent money to get them to the place where they are now.

Another aspect to consider is the ability to export your content out. If there is a proprietary format, I’d be wary of this kind of a “tax”. I don’t mind supporting developers but I don’t expect them to screw me over too.

For the time being, I am happy with the web version of WordPress. I’ll revisit this idea in the future though.

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