Mac OS Catalina: more trouble than it’s worth

Its a long read on how MacOS has shot itself in the foot.

However, I really don’t get it. I only use Mac for particular specific software. Open-source alternatives don’t cut it.

In other cases, like Security and Mail, what Apple considers an ‘improvement’, it’s more of a hindrance for me. (I know some will see this as a small thing, but really, Apple, why mess with Mail’s classic layout? It’s been my preferred layout since Mac OS X 10.0, and that type of layout has basically been the one I have used since I started using email more than twenty years ago).

What I want from a new version of an operating system, especially one as mature as Mac OS, is that it fixes or improves what was not working well in previous versions, and that it leaves tried-and-true features and functionalities as untouched as technically possible. I don’t need and I don’t want disruption for disruption’s sake on a yearly basis. While I understand that today’s tech motto is The show must go on, that also doesn’t have to mean that the show should get painful to watch.

Who uses Apple Email? If someone didn’t get the memo that it is dead, buggy and bloated, it is there loss. There are many alternatives now that work better. Fastmail has an excellent web interface that runs well in the browser.

I don’t care about photo editing applications- everything is backed up in Dropbox by default. My papers reside there. In the event of a crash, I have to just replace my laptop. Simple.

The only plausible reason I use Mac is because of the quality of the software. It is not as good as the author in the linked post wants it to be. You’d be at fault for letting iCloud get in your way (it’s pathetic, expensive and buggy solution). Critical applications work on the web now. Hopefully, I’d be able to make a transition to a Linux machine once I can get the bindings right.

Maybe, my next laptop might be a ThinkPad, but till that time, I am happy as long as I get the OS support and some great applications to work around with.

(Stumbled on this link from Hacker News discussion. For some reason, whiners get a lot of prominence).

via Mac OS Catalina: more trouble than it’s worth | Riccardo Mori

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