On How to be Discovered: Why to write

On writing:

The easiest way to be discovered right now in technology and perhaps many fields is to create your own independent blog and write. There is a huge dearth in availability of good, current, first party content today.

Seeds of inspiration come to us from interesting places and swirl around us continually as we do our daily jobs (and for most of us, writing is not one of them). Many of the brightest minds of tomorrow are thinking about how to change the world. That is all of is us in some capacity.

When these ideas come to you in a way where you can “see” a logical argument or flowing idea, think of it as how it would sound being written down.

It is in the series of the posts (and excellent links) that I have discovered. It would be great to “combine” this as a whole but if you are following the blog, you’d see that there is no “grand idea” but a series of “small ideas” that lead us “closer to the truth”.

Truth in the so-called “post-modern” universe is a casualty with shifting sands. You have to continually adjust the focus to try and nail it.

via On How to be Discovered | Steve Cheney – technology, business & strategy

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