Making a strong case to write

This is a series of blogposts on why I am finding it rewarding to write. As a radiation oncologist, it is important to discover the “connections” between the concepts. Writing is a sure-shot way to find it.

I stumbled on an excellent blog post on the “aircraft manufacturing” and why we should push towards a moonshot of our own. I am not debating the merits of the “advancements” (not in the true sense of the term) but they are better than what we started out with. Is that good enough? I will try to explore that in a future post.

One blog post is usually a seed for others to follow. I could technically make this into a big massive SEO enriched clickbait (5 things you need to know!) but my focus and intent is to grow it organically.

Nevertheless, the focus on this post is on why should you write. I’d be paraphrasing a couple of important points that merit a little dive than a cursory copy and paste.

Writing helps build networks.

With the stroke of a pen, you can build your network, improve your thinking, and create opportunities for yourself.

Until now, the internet has connected us with people in our past. But writing online connects you with the people in your future. As Derek Sivers once wrote: “The coolest people I meet are the ones who find me through something I’ve written.”

David likens writing to “mental weightlifting”.

Writing is like weightlifting for the brain. Not every smart person is a writer, but every smart person writes. Testing the limits of your ideas is the fastest way to improve them and raise your intelligence. Don’t take my word for it. Listen to Jeff Bezos:

“People who write a lot, also listen a lot. They also change their mind a lot. Not necessarily with new data, but sometimes re-analyzing the same data. They also work hard to disconfirm fundamental biases.”

Writing also helps in the engagement.

Writers engage with reality like it’s a full-contact sport. It’s a collision between your mind and the world. Writers are professional observers.

When you know you’re going to write, you change the way you live. You can no longer sleepwalk through life. The most powerful insights come from everyday experiences that people ignore.

No one can compete against what the artificial intelligence can churn in a matter of seconds but discoverability takes time!

Demand for quality writing far exceeds the supply of it. Since people who don’t write in public are blind to the benefits, there’s relatively little competition for those who take the craft seriously. Good writing is rare.

Attention. That is the most difficult thing to earn in this hyperconnected world!

People dream of the advantages you take for granted. Writing is free. You already have everything you need: an internet connection and easy access to a computer. You pay in time, not money.

This is the gist of the write up! Please do leave a feedback. My twitter account is linked but I don’t believe in the Twitter interaction. Blogging>commenting is the best way forward to get the conversation going.

Keep reading and writing!

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