Why blog?

I agree.

I was looking for a Ulysses replacement. It is a great application but I am getting my head wrapped with their subscription model. The price isn’t worth it for the effort you plan to invest in blogging content from the desktop.

I don’t mind paying but my 1 year of subscription didn’t do really well. I am looking at iA writer (something similar) and will buy it if it serves my purpose.

However, blogging still makes sense- its the old school and it only gets better!

Discussing internally, and checking our stats we decided to blog again. And now we have decided not to just blog again, but to blog again more, much more. Blogging is surprisingly efficient. We could not afford to buy the targeted traffic that our blog posts bring. We experimented with search ads and retargeting, and that just cost us thousands of dollars for a fraction of the traffic we get for blogging.

Against all odds, blogging does work. It just takes a lot of time. A blog post like the one on music in writing or the one on Ethics and Ethics takes between one and three months. For a small operation like ours, astonishingly, writing long treatises on accidental 12-tone music, enriched with self composed beebop Jazz in is more economical than buying Google AdWords. But it is not quite economical enough. We feel that the expectations are so high, that we write half a Ph.D. every time. We need to relax, share more, be more concise.

via We have content and the audience, is there a nice place where they can connect?

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