Why all randomised controlled trials produce biased results?

I love this paper. For once, that RCT’s are NOT the definitive proof of why this works because we tend to ignore countless variables.

Click on the link to read more (luckily its free). I’d be referencing this post later as I discuss incorporating the “digital oncology”

This is the first study to examine that hypothesis by assessing the 10 most cited RCT studies worldwide.

Key messages
RCTs face a range of strong assumptions, biases and limitations that have not yet all been thoroughly discussed in the literature.

This study assesses the 10 most cited RCTs worldwide and it shows, more generally, that trials inevitably produce bias.

Trials involve complex processes – from randomising, blinding and controlling, to implementing treatments, monitoring participants etc. – that require many decisions and steps at different levels that bring their own assumptions and degree of bias to results.

via Why all randomised controlled trials produce biased results: Annals of Medicine: Vol 50, No 4


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