The Work Required to Have an Opinion

You’ll only get filtered opinion here!

Jokes apart, it is important to be “well-informed”. How much? No idea. But keep on reading.

While we all hold an opinion on almost everything, how many of us do the work required to have an opinion?

The work is the hard part, that’s why people avoid it. You have to do the reading. You have to talk to anyone competent you can find and listen to their arguments. You have to think about the key variables and how they interact. You have to listen and chase down arguments that run counter to your views. You have to think about how you might be fooling yourself. You have to see the issue through multiple lenses. You need to become your most intelligent critic and have the intellectual honesty to kill some of your best-loved ideas.

As Rabbi Moses ben Maimon (1135–1204), commonly known as Maimonides, said: “Teach thy tongue to say I do not know, and thou shalt progress.”

The work required to hold an opinion means that you can argue against yourself better than others can. That is the time you can say, “Hey, I can hold this view, because I can’t find anyone else who can argue better against my view.”

via The Work Required to Have an Opinion


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