What we can learn from people with beautiful minds | Financial Times

I stumbled on this fascinating read. It got me thinking- as usual. This quote below is important.

I am an Oncologist but there’s so much to learn! I have been finally able to get the workflow I craved for but it has been the most intense three weeks! There are more ideas going forward. Stay tuned!

They are specialists, yet are always trying to master other fields. I got to know Walter Mischel, the psychologist who helped change our understanding of personality, in his final years before he died at 88. He’d sit there with cocked head, listening intently to everything that everyone said. Above him, on his apartment walls, hung wonderful paintings — his own, produced in his eighties.

Similarly, Edward Said, the scholar who helped found the field of postcolonial studies, was an important music critic.

These people respect expertise, because they know from experience that it’s hard-won and cannot be generalised from one topic to all others. They aren’t like the businessman who goes into politics assuming that the same rules will apply and that he’s smarter than the idiots who still haven’t even solved unemployment.

via What we can learn from people with beautiful minds | Financial Times

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