The #science of #note-taking: how to take #notes to increase your #creativity

A must-read!

I am having a great time to define some productive short-cuts! I’ll be sharing them but what you are seeing is a culmination of past experience and the need to make more productive use of the tools.


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But science shows that note-taking has many benefits. Let’s have a quick look at what these are.

  • Better learning. According to research, note-taking allows you to better remember the stuff you read. This is because the effort required to take notes helps form new pathways in the brain and encode the information in a way that stores it better in your long-term memory. This does not happen as effectively when passively taking information in.
  • Quantity over quality. As with creativity, quantity is more important than quality when it comes to note-taking. Evidence shows that the more notes you take, the more information you tend to remember later. So don’t try to keep it short—be generous in the way you take notes.
  • Get visual. When taking notes, go beyond simple words. Research shows that, compared with writing alone, adding sketches to your notes has a great impact on learning. These drawings could represent concepts, relationships, or terms you want to remember better. This is called The Drawing Effect.
  • Hand-written notes are better. If you can, try hand-written notes. Studies have found that taking notes by hand is better for learning and memory than taking notes on a computer.

via The science of note-taking: how to take notes to increase your creativity

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