#Active #reading: how to become a #better #reader

I have paraphrased the most important giveaway!

The SQ3R method covers most of these active reading strategies. It stands for survey, question, read, retrieve, and review, and was introduced in 1946 by Francis Robinson, an American education philosopher in his book Effective Study.

  1. Survey. Resist the temptation of reading the book straight away. Instead, quickly skim the content, looking in particular at headings, figures, and tables. This step should not take longer than five minutes.
  2. Question. Before starting to read the content, generate some questions. For example, you could turn some of the headings into questions, so you can look for answers in the content of the text later.
  3. Read. Now you get to read the content. Use the background work done in the two previous steps as well as the active reading strategies we listed earlier in order to stay engaged. This includes answering the questions you drafted before.
  4. Retrieve. Try to recall what you just read and to explain it to other people in your own words. Use the Feynman Technique to ensure you actually understood and learned what you read.
  5. Review. Once you’re done reading, write a short summary—again, using your own words.

via Active reading: how to become a better reader – Ness Labs

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